Change Outlook Profile in Windows 7

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Since a few weeks I was on the waiting list for Microsoft’s MyPhone (some more about MS MyPhone later this week!). Last week I received an e-mail which gave me access to the beta. So when I installed the software on my mobile phone it told me I had to remove the ActiveSync connection I had with our company’s Exchange environment. When I removed it, I also lost all the contacts on my mobile (obvious because the sync connection was lost). To place all my contact on my phone again I had to sync it once the old-fashioned way : With a cable and Mobile Device Center.

To get this done I wanted to create another Outlook profile, so I could first filter my contact. When I opened up the Control Panel on my laptop I couldn’t find the appropriate icon. But, when I changed the view from Category to Large (or Small) Icons I finally saw the icon I was looking for. The only strange thing is that there’s no text next to the icon..


So when I clicked the icon (the top left one :-)) I finally were able to change (and add) my Outlook profile. I’m not sure if the problem also exists in other builds then the 7022. On my other PC (running the 64-bit version of build 7000) there is a text next to the icon so maybe it’s just only a problem with the (32-bit version of) 7022 build.