Windows 7 – Virtual Aero

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Notice : The procedure below only works if you connect to the virtual machine from a Aero enabled Windows Vista host! (Windows XP doesn’t support that won’t work!)

Today Eric Groot asked me if it’s possible to enable Aero within a virtualized Windows 7 Client, at first I thought this wasn’t possible. But then I remembered something I read in the time Windows Vista was launched. Back in the days (wauw..isn’t that a long time ago) I played with a virtualized Windows Vista myself and I wasn’t able to enable Aero inside the virtualized Windows Vista client. I’m not sure, but I think I read something about using Remote Desktop to connect to the virtual machine. In this case the graphical rendering is done with the graphical adapter of the pc you’re running Remote Desktop on and if that machine supports Aero, then you can use aero through the RDP session on the virtualized desktop.

Check out the two screenshots. The first one is the machine within VMWare Workstation (sorry, I don’t use Virtual PC).


The second one is the same machine, but then through an RDP session, as you can see Aero is enabled.


Notice : You have to choose the right connection speed to enable all the graphic stuff inside the RDP session…