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Play To - Xbox Media Center Extender

During the last few months I’ve read about a cool media-related feature called ‘Play To’. This feature (which is only available when a ‘play-to-compatible’ device is found in your network) makes it possible to play music from your laptop (or pc), but let you hear the sound via your own receiver (if it’s compatible) or your Xbox 360 Media Center Extender instead of through the cheap laptop speakers.

Play To at Windows 7 Explorer

Of course you can connect your headphone output to your receiver, but then you’re not mobile and you need a wired connection. With Play To you can simple sit on your couch (wireless connected of course!) and play music through your high-end receiver. The industry standard which makes this all happen is called Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) 1.5. When I searched for compliant devices I ran into a blog by Paul Thurrott about the Play To feature. Some commenter over at his blog told that also the PlayStation 3 is a complaint device, so if you have a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 you can try this cool feature!