Installing Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Part 1

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I announced it a few weeks ago, but last week the hardware arrived so I can finally start with the implementation of the Windows Essential Business Server 2008!

First I had to unpack the hardware. Because I’m going to run the EBS environment on Hyper-V the environment contains only of two physical servers. From now on I’ll call them Server A and Server B.

Because of the size of the environment all of the EBS roles will be installed on Server A. Server B will host only the virtual desktops (to run the applications that won’t run on a terminal server).

Part 1 : Preparing the environment

Before I can start with the installation of the Windows Essential Business Server 2008 the physical hardware has to be installed. In the drawing below you can see the logical design of the environment.


Server A will host the EBS environment. It will also be responsible for the backup, so on this server I will install Windows Server 2008 Standard Ediiton with the Hyper-V role. Because Server B will only host virtual machines, I will install Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008.


Both of the servers are equipped with 2 Quad Core Opteron CPU’s from AMD and each of the servers contains 16 GB RAM, so enough CPU power available 🙂

To be continued…