XBOX 360 : Xtival ‘08 starts next Friday

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Just like last year also 2008 will have it’s Xtival in the last November weekend :
Three days FREE Online XBox Live gaming for everybody!

“We’ve cranked up the volume for Xtival ’08 – 72 hours of controlled mayhem to never forget. Xtival is a three-day party that’s FREE for EVERYONE on Xbox LIVE. This year brings exclusive new music videos, HD movies and new games to download. You can chat to The Prodigy, our headline act, and even compete with the guys behind blockbuster Xbox 360 games. Above all else this is your chance to round up all your mates and play together like there’s no tomorrow!”

And just like last year, it’s a European event only!

More info about Xtival ‘08 (English)

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