Cool : Historical aerial pictures from my neighbourhood

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Yesterday I was surfing across the web and when I visited the website of my province (Í’m not sure why I had to visit that page btw) I was attracted by the button ‘Historische Luchtfoto’s Flevoland’ (Historical aerial pictures of Flevoland). When I clicked that button I really cool website opened (

On this page you can view the province of Flevoland (in the Netherlands) just like you were using Google Maps (of Live Maps), with the only difference that you can go back in time. My hometown (Emmeloord) for example is founded somewhere in the 1940’s and with on the website you can watch aerial pictures all the way back from 1947! So if you happen to live in Flevoland (or have relatives over there), just visit the historische-luchtfoto page and check out how the province looked back in the 50’s or 70’s!

Click here to visit the website