Dutch ‘Uitzendinggemist’ website goes Flash (beta)

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Uitzendinggemist, the online Dutch public broadcasting video archive, experiments with a flash video player. One of the great advantages of the new player (which is in beta right now) is that it’s possible to embed (parts of) a broadcasting in your website or blog.

With the new player it’s even possible to select part of a broadcasting, so you can just embed that part of the broadcast which you’re interested in or which part fits nicely on your website or blog.

I’m not sure if the video below is visible for foreign visitors, because the Dutch Live video-broadcast__ _of the European Championship Soccer (which is held in Austria and Switzerland) can only be viewed from within the Netherlands._

Below you can see a show which has been selected by me to show you how the new player looks like. I selected a Dutch show called ‘Try Before You Die’ and added some comments. You can check out the beta player yourself at http://pilot.omroepplayer.nl (the website in Dutch).