How-To : Install MDaemon e-mailserver on a Windows Server 2008 Core

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Wouldn’t it be nice if if I could get MDaemon running on a Windows Server 2008 Core machine? Offcourse it would! So here you can read what steps I took to get MDaemon (v9.6.4) working on a Windows Server 2008 Core machine :

  • Install a Windows Server 2008 Standard Core Machine
    Just install it the default way and let it join your domain
  • At the Core prompt run the following commandline
    _bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
    _ Because the server will run MDaemon e-mailserver we disable DEP
  • Make a networkmapping to the location where you downloaded MDaemon (or insert the cd-rom)
    Before you can start the following step I assume  you are in the MDaemon installationfolder
  • **Start the MDaemon Setup by starting md_en
    ** Choose to install MDaemon as a service when asked to
  • **When you want to administer MDaemon just cd to the folder where you installed MDaemon and run the application
    ** [MDaemonInstallDir]AppMdaemon.exe
  • After a while the MDaemon Console will popup and MDaemon is installed
  • **To check if the service got installed the right way, reboot the machine
    ** Just enter : Shutdown -r -t 0 to reboot the machine immediately.

When the server is started again, just logon again and start the MDaemon Console again.

I’m not sure if MDaemon runs nice on IIS7, so I configured it to use the built-in web server. (See the screen below how to configure it at port 80)

When you want to use administer MDaemon through the web console, you also have to configure a tcp port via which you can start the console. See the screen below how to configure it at port 81 (that’s the port I used). Notice I didn’t check the Stop WebAdmin when MDaemon stops button, so when MDaemon stops it’s still possible to use the WebAdmin console.

Now you just have to forward some ports on your firewall/router to totally use the possibilities of MDaemon. I also created a policy for my mailserver so the firewall will allow the e-mail ports.

So, as you can see it’s even possible to install 3rd party applications on the Windows Server 2008 Core Editions. When you have any questions concerning Server Core, just contact me via e-mail or Live Messenger 🙂