UPDATED : Windows Server 2008 Dutch Launch Event

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As in the whole world Microsoft there also will be a Windows Server 2008 Launch event in the Netherlands. This day contains all ingredients to become a success : Technical content (Level 200-300) in several formats : Hyper-V, Terminal Services, Service Core, Read-Only Domain Controllers, Declaritive Management, T-SQL enhancements, Analysis Service Designer, LINQ, etc, etc.

Here are (some of) the names of the speakers who will attend the launch event :

  • John Craddock (Active Directory Specialist)

    Click here for some John Craddock video’s

  • Gert Drapers (SQL Specialist)

  • Steffen Krause (SQL Specialist)

  • Brain Delahuntue (IIS Program Manager)

  • Ronald Beekelaar (Vitalization MVP)

  • Ruben Spruijt (Vitalization MVP)

When ? : March 6th 2008

Where ? : Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

Somewhere next week there will be a subscription link on the Microsoft website. When it’s available I’ll post it on my blog offcourse!

When more information is going public, I will add it 🙂

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