Network hacking by using a PS3

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I don’t read all the blogs on the world, but today when refreshing my FeedDemon again I read a nice story about the PS3 I really want to share with you guys. The original story was published on the BBC website, but I read it at Keith Combs’ blog (who read It at Kim Cameron’s Identity blog again).

Here’s an excerpt from the BBC story :

“Security researcher Nick Breese used a PS3 to crack supposedly strong eight-character passwords in hours.   Typically, previous attempts to crack such passwords took days to get the same result."

It’s pretty scary that you can hack passwords with nothing more than a PS3 nowadays! It’s time to use sixteen character strong password or maybe even stronger passwords.

So if you see people ‘playing’ with a PS3 in your office, just call security because they’re probably not playing a game but hacking your network.