UPDATE : Windows Server 2008 Beta Exam Results

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From all over the world people are posting (on their blogs/forums etc.) that the results are showing up on the VUE and Prometric website. But still no

Passed for me… I keep pressing F5 on my keyboard all night long hehehe!

MCP 649 Tested

Some of my colleagues don’t have the results either (or do you have the results yet Wilbrand, Sander?)

Update Nov 2nd� : Last night some people at Trika’s blog also commented that they didn’t have the results for the 70-649 yet. The nice thing is that all of the people I spoke to that have passed the exam did the 70-648! So it seems that all the guys/girls that did the 70**-649 don’t have the results** yet! I think there is a problem with _that_ exam, maybe we just have to wait a few more days. At least the 70-648 guys/girls have the results! (I did the 70-649 too!)

On Nov 5th I posted an update on the blogpost. You can read it here.