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TechNET Edge

Today I’ve visited the Edge website again and still it’s not live (yeah…nov 12th it will be, I know), but there was some more info about what the Edge is :

The Homepage & The About page :

This is a new community for IT Pros and a sister site to Channels 8, 9_,_ _10_ _and_ _Mix Online__. We’re still in the process of taking this site live and won’t be open officially for business until Monday morning. Since you found us though, don’t go away! Feel free to join the site, check things as we stabilize. Watch out for wet paint!_

While you’re here, pop on over to the The Perimeter and introduce yourself.



TechNet Edge is a place where IT professionals go to get the inside <em>scoop</em> on the latest and greatest technologies. You can do stuff like watch screen casts, check out interviews with people who develop the products, connect with your peers and speak what’s on your mind. It is part of the Evangelism Network and follows its <em>doctrine</em>, so you know we keep it real.

On The Perimeter there was a welcome message too :

Hey there,

The Perimeter is a place where you can speak what’s on your mind and connect with people at Microsoft in an informal way.� This is a place where you can communicate with your peers and get feedback on the thoughts you have.� The Perimeter is not a place to attack other people; if all of us follow The Evangelism Network Doctrine_, we all reap the benefits of what the Perimeter can provide.


I’m going to check it out next monday when it’s officially launched! You should check it out too :