TweakUAC – A nice tool to turn off UAC in Windows Vista

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ICTFreak has a nice tool mentioned on his website. With TweakUAC it’s easy to disable the UAC in Windows Vista.

It was already possible to turn of UAC in Windows Vista, but the method wasn’t that easy! Now it’s a peace of cake with TweakUAC.

With the tool it’s also possible just to turn off the UAC prompt. This is a bit more secure than just turning off UAC entirely, and with this option you also spare a reboot. If you want to do some Admin tasks on your Windows Vista machine, just put UAC in quiet mode and do your admin stuff. When you’re finished you turn on UAC again and there you go!

With the tool you can also check the UAC status on a Vista machine, so if you put in on a usb stick you always have it with you!

TweakUAC Screenshot

Download TweakUAC

Visit the TweakUAC website for more information.