Recording 2 Channels at once with Windows Vista Media Center (almost) works!

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Windows Media Center

Earlier this evening I posted about a new update for Windows Vista Media Center. I was very astonished when I tried (just for fun) the Live TV function of my Media Center after I applied the Update…wauw..I could record two channels at once again. I know my last post about this working on my configuration doesn’t mean it works for everybody!

The thing I can tell is that it’s not working 100% correctly (it stutters a bit), but it’s a good start!

Check out the screenshot (just to proof it to you). On the screenshot you see a two channel recording and the MultiMeter Gadget to show you I have 4GB RAM and a 64bit Vista 🙂 Owh..and I have installed SP1 installed. Wanna know how you can install SP1? Check my post.

You can click if you want a larger picture!